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Lõigud Taisha Abelari avaldamata raamatust

Tsitaat:-I need a rest,
- I insisted.

-What you need is to remember that you are a guest of the earth, - said Nelida as she sat on a rock. We can rest on the rocks, leaning against the trees, or simply pressing our fingers against the center of the palm. But we don't realize that we can get energy from little things, because we believe that we are here as conquerors of the earth.

Tsitaat:-Why a guest, - I asked, moving on the rock sofa.
-A guest is free," said Nelida. Not much is expected of him and the place he is visiting and the people there are not under his thumb.
He doesn't expect anything, but he is given everything. The witches say that this makes for a joyful journey.
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
Taisha Abelari avaldamata raamatust.

Tsitaat:As I held the rock, I had a peculiar feeling of seeing the larger picture, in which it was being controlled, driven by relentless forces towards inevitable destruction.

I felt this in my middle section as a series of gentle waves. It was a muffled movement from the core of the rock as I held it against my abdomen. I was absorbing the essence of the rock until my entire body felt as if it were covered with layers of subtle vibrations. Then a deep melancholy seized me, as one existential question after another emerged. Why am I alive? Who am I? What is the meaning of all this?

Tsitaat:I felt exhausted as if a volcano had erupted spilling mountains of clinging and worry. Experiences that I hadn't fully recapitulated sprang up so suddenly that I couldn't stop to examine them. I didn't even have time to take a deep breath to push the feelings away. I understood how the baggage of memory and experience had made me heavy, burdensome, embedded with worries about what I thought, felt, wanted to be, or didn't want to be. These mental fabrications had only served to overwhelm me, so I was always out of sync with time and life.

I wanted to let go of everything in me, to leave everything behind, to start with nothing so that I could be free, but something in me did not want to let go. It was clinging to life and tearing away the oblivion. However, the message of the lava rock was to leave things as they are; not to worry about trivialities, not to struggle or interfere. Things would take care of themselves. Live for today, for the weight of all our yesterdays will drag us down, and thoughts of tomorrow will distract us from our present purpose. The rock told me that there is a way to perceive without possessing, and that was simply by allowing life to unfold, whatever it is, outwardly but inextricably fused with self at any particular time.
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
Taisha avaldamata raamatust.

Tsitaat:I began to squeeze my shoulder blades to gain confidence. As I scanned the pillars, I experienced another perceptual distortion: they were rocking in the wind. When I told Nelida about this, she said that there were always distortions. Life was energy moving without restraint, yet we imprisoned and contained it by eliminating possibilities that did not conform to our reasonable expectations.
-Who sees that reality is simply a point of view, acts without reason and does not expect rewards, - said Nelida.
-Wouldn’t a person be so terribly lonely? -I asked.
-Such a person is not alone because they have aligned themselves with that force that moves us and makes us complete.
“How will I know if I am acting from the spirit or by myself? - I asked, clutching my shoulder blades tightly.
Nelida gave me a dispassionate look. -As you continue to act impeccably, you accumulate personal power so that eventually spirit and your being become one. Then all your actions are a reflection of the spirit's intent.
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
Taisha avaldamata raamatust.

Tsitaat:She said it was a mistake to consider ourselves separated from the elements, since the same forces that move fire govern our energy bodies.

-The reason we consider ourselves separate from everything else, - explained Nelida, -is precisely because we are thinking. It is a thought that separates us from the totality and makes us forget our common origin.

Tsitaat:-We all long for something out of reach, - said Nelida, sensing my state of mind. We see possibilities in our dreams; we wish to be more energetic, but we always try to find satisfaction in the things of the world. Therefore, we are condemned to failure.

-Why is that?

-Because the part we are looking for to complete ourselves is not in the world, - she said. That part is the energetic body... It belongs to the realm of pure energy. To take advantage of It, we must turn our eyes elsewhere.
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.
Castaneda räägib Don Juanist ja enda rollist:

Tsitaat:The following question was asked in this vein: “I understand that you are trying to gather a mass of people, because your original sorcerers’ plan failed. I am hooked by what you do. What do you plan to do with me?”

This is a question that should be addressed to a guru, to a spiritual teacher. I see myself as neither a guru nor a spiritual teacher, but as someone who is trying to fit a definition given by don Juan. He was referring to my role in relation to the rest of his disciples, my cohorts, when he said :

“All you can aspire to be is a counselor. You must point out an error if you see one; you must advise about the proper way to do something, because you will be viewing everything from the vantage point of total silence. Sorcerers call this a sight from the bridge. Sorcerers see the water – life – as it rushes under the bridge. Their eyes are, so to speak, right at the point where the water goes under the bridge. They cannot see ahead. They cannot see behind. They can see only the now.

I have made the utmost effort, and I will continue to do so, to fulfill this role. When a person is interested and says, “I am hooked,” I don’t dare believe that that person is hooked onto me. To have a personal link with a teacher is a response that all of us have learned and practiced. It stems, no doubt, from, being personally attached to Mother or Father, or both, or to someone else who fulfills that role in the family or in our circle of friends.

If I have given, in my books, the impression that don Juan was personally related to me, it was my own unconscious misinterpretation. He worked incessantly, from the moment I met him, to exterminate this drive in me. He called it neediness and explained that it is developed and sponsored by the social order, and that neediness is the most obscene manner of creating and nourishing a slave’s mentality. He said that if I believed that I was “hooked,” I was hooked not to him personally, but to the idea of freedom, an idea which sorcerers had spent generations formulating.
Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of God.

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